“There’s a lot to do in the agri-food industry to make a difference. We have to have an innovative approach, we have to have a disruptive approach and we have to think of new ways of doing things. We have to move towards bio, towards cleaner agriculture, we have to change the way products are being marketed. Our company is pushing in that direction, we have to give people what they want, but we also have to be agents of change. We want all the people involved in the Agrytech Program to come up with great new ideas to do important things differently, cheaply, with a lot of expediency and hope they can succeed on a local and regional basis. Our company will be completely supportive of their efforts and ready to invest in them like we have already invested in companies that are involved in biological products.
There are many, many challenges in this industry and I’m sure that the bright minds that we have here in Lebanon & the region will rise up to the challenge and come up with fabulous ideas for us.” -Peter Hrechdakian, CEO of Unifert