Eleven startups are currently going through a 16-week acceleration program as part of the Berytech Accelerator.

Leadership and culture transformation coach, Christine Asmar coached the Agrytech startups on team dynamics. Here’s her feedback on the program and her two tips on startups and leadership:

“Entrepreneurs live beyond the world of prediction, they are always thinking outside the box. They have the ability to provide solutions to problems we have, not only by thinking creatively, but by being creativity itself. This is how I view the Agrytech Accelerator program, based on the work I have done with the groups, and as Einstein wisely said:  “No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Very inspiring program!

Being an entrepreneur myself, I have learned to separate between working in my business and working on my business. So I keep reminding myself to take a step back once in while and have this long term perspective.

Another key component is who I surround myself with in my business, i.e. the complementarity of the team, their roles and the inspiration, direction  and clarity the entrepreneur provides, so all members are engaged and understand the win for them and how they can be part of the success.”