Berytech conducted two sessions in collaboration with SPARK and UNRWA as part of the outreach activities for the Agrytech Program.  These sessions gathered more than 40 participants and targeted Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians youth.

Participants were introduced to the Agrytech Program and were encouraged to apply to the Agrytech Accelerator and join the Agrytech Hackathon. These sessions emphasized that people from different sectors can make a change and work in agri-food even if their background is not necessarily Agriculture.

Following the introductory session, Mr. Rami Alameddine, co-founder of Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club gave a workshop on ideation: participants came up with innovative solutions around the nine challenges put forward for the Agrytech Hackathon. Teams were formed based on the challenges they wanted to work on, then developed their business model canvas and finally pitched their ideas in front of the other participants.

These sessions helped the participants see the potential opportunities in the agri-food sector and get familiar with the startup scene.