We’ve launched several agri-food challenges during Arabnet (Check them all out here) asking the attendees to think up solutions for. The winner of the cash prise is Gisele Makary. Gisele is a photography freelancer, writer and social media specialist.

Here are her proposed solutions to one of the set challenges:

Post-Harvest Challenge:

High losses of agri-food products are due to poor post-harvest practices, poor logistics, combined with poor food safety systems and malpractices. Can you think of an innovative solution that includes a technology or engineering component that can optimise the quality and limit the losses?

Gisele’s Solutions:
  • An ethylene detector to monitor the ripeness of fruits and vegetables.
  • Developing “smart” food transport containers for fruits and vegetables that control in-situ air mixture to control ripening and extend shelf-life.

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