Berytech’s team alongside Qoot Cluster members participated in the Agricultural, Landscape, Nutrition, and Food Industries Exhibition 2019 at the American University of Beirut Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Courtyard on October 3-5, 2019.


FAFS exhibition

Ramy Boujawdeh, deputy General Manager at Berytech, presented the Agrytech accelerator program and how startups are tackling agri-food challenges with their disruptive innovations. Through the Agrytech accelerator, Berytech has been supporting for the past two years disruptive innovations allowing teams to develop ideas and turn them into successful businesses while solving challenges in the agri-food industry. This year, the Agrytech program was extended giving the opportunity for more teams to be supported and receive business support as well as grants to turn their ideas into products and services.


Jihane Chahla, Qoot agri-food cluster manager, discussed how an innovation cluster is helping agri-food businesses in accelerating growth. As part of Qoot agri-food innovation cluster, more than 30 MSMEs and large companies are gathering to collaborate and increase opportunities for the country’s food sector, promoting it to a new level of innovation and global recognition.


Agricultural, Landscape, Nutrition, and Food Industries Exhibition

In its second edition, the AUB FAFS Alumni Chapter organized the Agricultural, Landscape, Nutrition, and Food Industries Exhibition, under the patronage of AUB President Dr. Fadlo Khuri. The event gathered attendees from agri-research institutes, NGO’s, farmers, ago-food industry members and included as well educational and scientific lectures presented by specialists of participating and exhibiting companies.