About QOOT, Lebanon Agri-Food Innovation Cluster


QOOT, Lebanon Agri-Food Innovation Cluster is envisioned to be a catalyst for the Lebanese Agri-Food industries to ensure they are among the most innovative in the world.


Building Synergies

One of the main pillars of the Agrytech Program, Lebanon’s Agri-Food Innovation Hub, is to create a platform where both start-ups and existing companies in the Lebanese agri-food sector can come together and work on increasing the competitiveness of the sector and placing Lebanon back on the innovation map, both at regional and international levels.

This interaction and collaboration is referred to as a cluster, with the main objective of building synergies and promoting for a smarter agri-food sector, both nationally and internationally.

The main advantages that companies gain from being part of a cluster are ease of access to expertise, skilled workers, input suppliers, information channels, and linkages to new markets.

Ultimately, this results in improved competitiveness, as seen with different clusters around the world.

QOOT is envisioned to become the driving force of the agri-food innovators, industry leaders and expert community by

  • Stimulating Innovation
  • Reinforcing Mutual Exchanges
  • Setting International Legitimacy

Implementation Supported by Food Valley NL

Championed by Berytech and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon, QOOT is being implemented in Lebanon with the support of Food Valley NL, one of the leading food innovation clusters in the world, with tremendous experience in developing and managing cluster organizations.

Benefits of participation in the Agrytech Cluster

  • Referrals & Joint Marketing
  • Building Expertise
  • EU Accreditation
  • Lobbying
  • General Networking
  • Joint Research & Development

Learn More

Check QOOT’s website here to learn more.

Founding Committee

The founding members of the cluster are representatives of the following enterprises.