Smart Gourmet has signed an exclusive dealership with Armada Dubai, part of the Fattal group, for product distribution across the UAE. 

The startup, that has joined the first batch of the Agrytech Accelerator, currently distributes its line of vacuum-packed traditional Lebanese products in more than 340 points of sale in Lebanon including major supermarket chains and gas stations stops. Hommos, baba ghannouj, warak arish, fawaregh and the recently added garlic paste, all classic staples of the Lebanese cuisine, are part of their product range with more items in development.

The startup has innovated a cooking method and a packing process that allows a longer shelf life for these chilled, vacuum-packed delicacies without the use of preservatives. Armada organized an event to introduce Smart Gourmet products to their team upon the arrival of the first shipment to Dubai.

Part of their expansion strategy and within the scope of the soft-landing provided by the Agrytech Accelerator, the Smart Gourmet team will also be traveling to the Netherlands at the end of May to explore new markets and clients in Europe.