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Batch II incubation is conducted in partnership with Sanad Entrepreneurship Academy

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Startups get shortlisted from one phase to the other. 
Startups with more than one icon have passed from one phase to another.

AgriEats is a social impact startup, a platform that aims to skill-up and empower home-based rural women and farmers to market their authentic and traditional food products. Team name: Haitham Saab - Mazen Bou Hamdan- Dana Abou Shakra
Cubex is a home scale wastewater and solid waste treatment system that allows households to process all of their organic waste using decentralized treatment systems. Team name: Tommy Waked - Marc Aoun - Lara Gemayel
Digimart is a B2B e-commerce platform that connects retailers or hotels and restaurants to suppliers and distributors. The platform helps distributors promote their new, regular and discounted products instantly and directly to the retailers which will save them money, effort and time. Team name: Georges Aouad - Tony Antoun
FoodCheck is an automated, autonomous device that monitors and tracks the location of your products, all while providing stock management in real time. The solution aims to link all the nodes in the supply chain to provide adequate data to all the parties concerned. Team name: Brian Baboch - Georges Hachem - Jerome Jalkh - Anthony Aoun - Christian Gemayel
IO Tree is a wireless sensory network controlling each farmer’s plot and making him apply the right farming practices through a farmer-friendly mobile app capable of being the eyes of every Tree and raising every Tree’s voice when necessary. Team name: Christina Chaccour - Nisrine El Turky- Nancy Daou
Mushtic is a natural binding process that grows layers of mycelium (mushroom roots) over any agricultural waste to create natural packaging material which replaces petroleum-based products as Styrofoam. Team name: Lama Antonios - Charbel Sayah - Rayanne Beayno
Quadra is developing an optical fruit sorting machine, capable of sorting different types of fruits based on the international standards of size, color, and defects. It utilizes the latest Machine Learning and Computer Vision technologies, coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing, to provide the best levels of accuracy in grading, defect detection, and fruit handling. Team name: Serge el Khoury - Kevin Boutros - Kristina Farah
Rigino is a complete traceability platform serving entire value chains across multiple industries. Team name: Sabah Corm - Lara el Khoury
Turista Kit is a medical device intended for travelers and people on the move allowing them to have a safe meal. The kit is ready-to-use with immediate and reliable results to protect users from food poisoning. Team name: Tarek Itani - Georges Labaki - Imad el-Rayes- Lamis El Ghor
Agronline is a B2B e-commerce platform that allows restaurants directly reach farmers with their needs, reducing the dependency on wholesalers while improving the cash flow for farmers. Team name: Wissam Fakih - Najla Hassan- Zeina Chalak
Agrymac is an application that allows to detect and diagnose diseases or deficiencies in crops directly from the phone’s image to provide a full treatment plan and prioritizes organic treatments overusing chemicals. Team name: Elie Said - Abbass el Hajj
BeSalim is an e-commerce platform that allows organic farmers to have a direct relationship with customers. Team name: Richard Hanna - Fawaz Hanna
Potopeel is an alternative to petroleum-based plastics. It is organic-based plastic made from local potato waste-non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and even compostable under suitable conditions. Team name: Hanan Hassan- Sourayya Sareieddine
Waste to Power promotes sustainable living by providing a cheaper fuel that can help save the environment. WTP collects the frying oil and then converts it into a biofuel. This provides a clean alternative energy source for diesel engines, generators, and heating systems at a cheaper price than petroleum products. Team name: Hilal El Merhubi - Christa Aoude - Majd Jadam - Hassan El Samad
AgriBridge is an online platform that aims to bridge the gap between the agricultural engineers, farmers and input suppliers. Team name: Natalia Hariri - Mohamad Hasan - Reem el Tayech - Hiba Salameh - Youssef Diab - Lara Hariri
Agry-I uses robotic technology to alert farmers about the status of their crops and to provide them with relevant solutions. Team name: Daniel Awde - Nour Ramadan - Jad Adnan - Lara Ezzedine - Razan Khocha
Crops Health Detection is an application that helps farmers detect plant deseases, providing proper information to control them without mass pesticide usage. Team name: Rayan Haidar - Issam Nader
Digital Bee is working on modernizing the beekeeping sector by automating beehive controls through technology innovations. Team name: Johny Abou Rjeily - Nohad Boujawde - Dany El-Obeid - Samir Abou Rjeily - Nathalie Gharios
E-Hesba is a platform were the Hesba owners can show the farmers produce at its real time price. Team name: Omar El Maadarani - Elie Mhanna - Samaya Hajj Hassan
EcoME is a platform that aims at linking demand and supply by guaranteeing quality and safety of food. Team name: Samah Halawany - David Amurri
FarmerGate is a platfrom simplifying the management of mid to large-crop farms by centralizing real data entries, allowing a full team collaboration in the following areas: crop scheduling, procurement, planting, harvest, stock and sales. Team name: Joseph Noufaily - Francois Karam - Elie Shaccour - Georges Kozakjian
Farmland is an online platform that will give access to international investors to invest in local farming. Team name: Marie Nahas - Suzanne Nahas - Anthony Khoury
GIRMS aims to be the leading portal for news, events, data, and analysis of Geographical Information System for Agriculture in Arabic language and across Middle East and North Africa Region. Team name: Said Abou Kharroub - Joseph Bechara - Dima Khalil
GROM a machine that separates Zaatar leaves from the stem, a process that is currently done manually. Team name: Fadi el Hajj - Sarkis Khatecherian - Nshan Kaye
Nabta w Samka is a startup working on creating aquaponic farms in Syrian camps which can provide food and job security for displaced Syrians and Lebanese host communities. Team name: Walid Slika - Ali Fahs - Hussam Hawwa
Slimy is a humane snail slime extraction technology that produces high quality slime at low capital and running cost. Team name: Abbas Baalbaki - Mohamad Issa
Vertigreau is an eco-friendly startup that has created a decorative, optimized hydroponic system, smart and simple to use in the mass market. Team name: Marie-Lina Hraoui - Moussa Khoury