• Phase 1 Bootcamp
  • Phase 2 Accelerator
  • Phase 3 Growth

Agristic Solution is a laser technology that can kill weeds with high accuracy in a simple one‐time shot mechanism. Team name: Guadaluna Chaer- Fabio Bou Habib- Georgy Kassab
TheBeeHaus is a startup that uses technology to help beekeepers monitor, manage and optimize honey production. It also provides them with an online platform to market and promote their products enabling them to reach new customers inside and outside Lebanon Team name: Nagi Abdel Nour- Yazid Boustani
Caesar cider is a startup working on turning fermented apple juice into Hard Apple Cider. The hard apple cider is fresh, smooth, and slightly fizzy enhancing the natural apple flavor. Caesar Cider works with rural agricultural cooperatives to improve apple farmers livelihoods in response to the apple crisis in Lebanon. Team name: Nassim Njeim- Julianna Marcotte- Noussayma Njeim
Grapak is a research and development house developing a natural micro‐technology, turning grape residue and natural fibers into responsible and environmental packaging, against single‐use plastics. Team name: Naim Bou Assi- Karen Bou Doumit- Jad Atallah- Elyssa Kassis
GROUND ‐ Urban Agriculture is a startup working on developing an urban agriculture technology with low water and electrical usage. The solution can be applied to private residential units until reaching multilayer urban farms. Team name: Mitri Harmouche- Rita Asmar Harmouche
Hive is a startup working on healthy on-the-go wholesome snacks. Their products contain bee pollen, rich in protein, vitamins and antioxidants. Hive will not only provide the energy, nutrition and taste needed, but it will also turn customers into contributors to the beekeeping community. Team name: Sasha Abdel Sater- Zoya Abi Ghanem
Karya is a mobile application allowing users to find hidden gems, restaurants, guest houses and activities in the Lebanese rural areas. Karya aims to spread awareness on local treasures in terms of natural sites, seasonal farming and small-scale producers while giving their users new and interesting things to do. Team name: Serge Atallah- Michel Feghaly- Nicholas Gholam- Magaly Atallah- Elie Sokhn
Mezzmix is a startup working on developing a new way to consume Garlic paste through a squeezable, bottom-up package that has a long shelf life and can be stored without refrigeration. Team name: Nemer Mansour- Maria Nehme- Nicolas Mansour
OrganyClean is a startup working on green and sustainable hygiene products by turning the agro waste into new, innovative, and valuable cleaning products, while contributing to the agro waste management. Team name: Mohammad Mikati- Abed Serhan
Prae Cultiva is a startup working on helping the farmers identify problem areas in their fields through a smart infrared drone imagery. The data, hosted on a web platform, will enable farmers to spot problems before they are visible to the naked eye and take necessary corrective actions to avoid incurring losses. Team name: Ghassan Ghattas- Joanna Jurdi- Sharif Tarhini
Safer Food Link is an online portal that aims to help Lebanese food manufacturers find answers to their food safety challenges by providing them with a hub of information including legislation, sector guidance and professional support drawing on the experience of recognized experts and partners. Team name: Fidele El Achkar- Rami Bou Hassan
Smart Land is a startup working on an automated irrigation system. The system limits the consumption of water as well as fuel as it works on renewable energy unlike traditional methods. Team name: Khaled Al Abbass- Saad Al Abbass
Agrinovel is an online platform that gives a voice to rural women aiming to promote, and sell home-made organic and natural cosmetic-related products of premium quality. Team name: Hikmat Al Khansa- Maha Mrad- Ahmad Mortada- Kassem Al Khansa
Beyond Dairy is a startup working on a whey‐less processing procedure as an alternative to the traditional methods used in the production of dairy products such as soft cheese and labneh, the method will help obtain maximum yield from the milk and 100% elimination of acid whey waste. Team name: Rabih Timany- Rawad El Doueik
Mouneh is an eCommerce platform empowering and helping local Lebanese farmers to access the European market by assisting them in digital marketing, payment solutions, and packaging, using story-based content and marketing strategy to penetrate the European market. Team name: Chaden Daif- Georges Zakhia- Waleed Chayeb
Nature Beat is a startup working on producing healthy snacks based on fruits, vegetables and herbs. Nature Beat started with their first product- apple chips, to reduce the apple waste in Lebanon, while empowering both women, by providing job opportunities, and small farmers, discharging their agricultural produce, through setting up industrial kitchens in remote rural areas. Team name: Lara Khawand- Nour Alwan
Snacksy is a startup working on innovative food products starting with apple chips using the apple surpluses of the North since one of the most challenging problems that face the Lebanese agricultural sector is the apple crisis as a big percentage of the crops are going to waste. Team name: Charbel Hanna- Karen Zoghbi- Chekralla Hanna
Storvest ‐ Storing Harvest is a storage unit that combines geothermal cooling with controlled atmosphere to replaces the traditional refrigeration system. The unit will allow the farmers to preserve the quality of fresh produce while reducing the storage operational cost. Team name: Ali Haidar Ahmad- Georges Masaad- Rima Hijjazi