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209 Lebanese wine is an online marketplace for Lebanese wines. It allows you to browse and buy online almost every Lebanese wine in the market and then delivers them straight to your door. It also uses a powerful online food-pairing engine to help you choose a suitable bottle. Team name: Selim Yasmine - Paul Eid - Katia Yasmine
EasyReady Hummus aims to create a fresh hummus dispenser, based on natural ingredients free from any preservatives. Recipes will be customizable and the hummus can be served by restaurants, fast-food chains, and supermarkets, replacing labor and/or refrigeration needs. Team name: Diana Fayad - Joanna Fayad - Fadi Fayad
Makanāt is an online platform that connects food lovers, food entrepreneurs, and food businesses to short-term facility and processing line rentals. Team name: Gabriel Bayram - Zeina Haroun
Mekaprep is launching a new concept in the Lebanese/Arab fast food production where it offers freshly made fast food through vending machines. The startup will launch through “Bake&Go”, a vending machine that offers the Lebanese Manoushe in under two minutes.
Team name: Abed El Kader Jawhar - Teddy Haddad
Mothers Cooking is an online platform that connects hungry foodies with cooking mothers, allowing you to search your neighborhood for a delicious and healthy homemade cooked meal. Team name: Rudy Rizk - Elias Rizk - Christian Makhlouf
Smart Gourmet is a new cooking concept for ready-to-eat food with zero preservatives and long shelf-life using the sous-vide technique to cook traditional authentic food while attaining a standard recipe with great taste for every meal.
Team name: Jad Atallah - Charbel Kyrillos - Nancy Mahfouz
Startchy synthesizes starch-based bio-plastic coating for fruits and vegetables aiming to offer an organic alternative to wax and vacuumed plastic for preserving food to extend their shelf-life.
Team name: Richardos Lebbos - Kayssar Eid - Tony Barcha
Agrysense is a decision support platform for precision farming that uses the power of the Internet of things and sensors to help farmers optimize their processes, produce cheaper and with better quality.
Team name: Yolande Abi Dargham - Rabih Maalouf
L’atelier du Miel aims to create a smart way to source honey by bridging the gaps between the nature, the producer, and the consumer. With 8 locations in Beirut, L’atelier du Miel is working to expand its presence online. Team name: Marc-Antoine Bou Nassif - Victorine El Rayess- Ralph Bou Nassif
Lifelab provides the world’s smallest turnkey vertical hydroponic modules. These modules connect to each other and then ultimately to an industrial grade automation system that runs the entire grow process with very little human intervention. Team name: Ali Makhzoum - Mahmoud Hossari
Nahle has innovated a technique to make and collect honey bee venom while maintaining its superior quality, a rare and expensive product sought after by the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Team name: Dany El Obeid - Hussein Awada - Hesham Selman
Souk Baladi is a platform that aims to connect farmers with consumers. Farmers will sell produce to Souk Baladi, and then Souk Baladi will deliver the fruits and vegetables to consumers who purchase them on the digital marketplace. Team name: Lama Miri - Ghida Chehab - Yara Slim
The aim of ADtech is to generate electrical energy from biodegradable waste streams using the Anaerobic Digestion technology. It provides customized solutions to fit the local market and offers medium-to-large scale farms and food-processing industries the opportunity to step towards energy security and self-sufficiency. Team name: Sophia Ghanimeh - George Tabet
DroneTech focuses on drone technologies targeting medium and large- scale farmers looking to streamline their pest control practices. It aims to compete with the price-points of current pesticide practices while providing value-added solutions such as highly detailed land mapping. Team name: Mohamad Sleiman - Mohamad Shehab
FreshExpress is the first regional fruits and vegetables online platform connecting packers to retailers in the GCC region. Thanks to disintermediation, farmers will sell their produce at higher prices and retailers will buy them at lower prices. Team name: Antoine Azzi - Houssam SABER - Lea Kachouh - Rani Azzi
Sav’r is an online platform focused on streamlining the B2B activities of farmers in Lebanon. It will allow farmers to find competitive bids for land and crop-management services through the platform. Farmers can also access peer-vetted agricultural engineering consultants through a freelance community. Team name: Bashir Omari - Danny El Khoury
The Mountain Bite is an online marketplace that links the urban population with rural food products produced with ancestral know-how, helping local farmers to sell the products of their harvest to existing and new customers. Team name: Rachelle El Hajj - Naji Daoud - Kamal Arej Saade