What They Do:

Agrymac is an application that allows you to detect and diagnose diseases or deficiencies in crops directly from the phone’s image and gives you a full treatment plan. It prioritizes organic treatments overusing chemicals. It solves the problem of misdiagnosis and mistreatment of diseases in the crops by giving the farmer control and full transparency and insight into his crops.

Their Startup Experience:

“We knew that the Agrytech Accelerator is the best in helping entrepreneurs who are starting their ventures in the agriculture sector to develop and launch their product into the market. When we joined, we were hoping to get insight on how to start a business and get mentoring about all the different subjects needed.

The bootcamp phase was crucial in teaching us how important it is to validate our ideas and study the market before developing the product. It enabled us to validate our idea in the market and get to know our customer segment. It also helped us develop a clear vision for our startup.

We were able to get to phase 2 because of our team spirit, we were able to learn a lot and show improvements week after week and following the mentors’ advice. When joining the second phase of the Agryetch Accelerator, we have set our minds to develop the minimum viable product and launch it into the market after testing its viability and get the feedback from the user testing group.”

Team members are Elie Said and Abbass el Hajj.

Connect With Them:

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