What They Do:

Whether it’s in the truck, in the wholesaler’s warehouse or on the shelf of the supermarket, FoodCheck allows you to know the exact location and conditions of each and every single box of your products. FoodCheck is an automated, autonomous device that monitors and tracks the location of your products, all while providing stock management in real time. The solution aims to link all the nodes in the supply chain to provide adequate data to all the parties concerned.

Their Startup Experience:

“Our journey started with the Startup Weekend organized by Agrytech. We met with Bel Group and realized the need for traceability solutions, so we decided to pursue our idea and grow it through joining the Agryetch Accelerator.

During the Bootcamp phase, we learned the importance of understanding our potential customers in order to be able to tailor solutions that cater to their needs. The Bootcamp gave us tools that would help us do just that.

By making it into the second Phase of the program, we’re aiming to finalize our prototype and test it with Bel group’s distributors in order to get their feedback and improve our product. We will also be working on our pricing and revenue strategy to provide our clients with the best prices.

We believe that our passion and our drive to make our vision a reality were the key to moving forward in the program. We dedicated all our time and available resources on this project to interview all the customers we could and get our hands on invaluable market feedback. Our hard work brought us over 300 surveys and interviews with 15 different companies which include some of the biggest food & beverage companies in Lebanon. After all, having a great idea is meaningless if you don’t have the dedication to prove its feasibility or that the market needs such an innovation.”

The team consists of Brian Baboch, Georges Hachem, Jerome Jalkh, Anthony Aoun and Christian Gemayel.


Connect With Them:

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