What They Do:

Mushtic is a natural binding process that grows layers of mycelium (mushroom roots) over any agricultural waste to create natural packaging material which replaces petroleum-based products as Styrofoam.

Their Startup Experience:

“At the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey, we were looking for the resources that would help us execute our business idea. The Agrytech Program lived up to its promise to deliver expertise, resources, and knowledge to help us turn our idea to life.

The Bootcamp phase allowed our team to get introduced to the business aspect of implementing our business idea. It was the main milestone for the evolution of our business model. In fact, this phase helped us specifically define the core problem that MUSHTIC was going to solve and the value proposition, which lead us to pivot many points concerning our problem and solution. While doing that, we learned to communicate better with each other within the team, even in times of frustration. Our learning experience involved synergy and lead to positive knowledge outcomes.

Our objectives for the coming phase revolve around validating our process, market, and prototype to start the production of our eco-friendly protective packaging, satisfy our first customer’s order and get more traction.

What helped us move to phase 2 was our determination to continue whatever the challenges that lied ahead. We worked hard to validate that there is a market fit for our products, in a region of the world where the economical buying mindset hasn’t been yet evolved to an environmental mindset, where corporates and stakeholders are yet to consider investing in eco products.”

The team consists of Lama Antonios, Charbel Sayah and Rayanne Beayno.

Connect With Them:

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