What They Do:

Turista Kit is a medical device intended for travelers and people on the move allowing them to have a safe meal.  The kit is ready-to-use with immediate and reliable results to protect users from food poisoning.


Their Startup Experience:

“We applied to the Agrytech Accelerator as we wanted a professional local organization to guide us through our journey by providing knowledge and support to turn our idea into a tangible product that will be used globally.

During the Bootcamp Phase, we learned to ‘think big’ and work on simplifying our product offering to be understood by a 6-year old child. We were able to achieve a clear action plan that moved our start-up to the next level.

We believe that we made it to the second phase because of our innovative idea, our hard work, commitment, and team spirit. We believe that the kit will make a difference and we are determined to make it available asap. Our plan for this phase is to finalize our MVP and test it in the laboratory and in a real-life setting. We also want to show some traction with our product and identify local early adopters.”

The team consists of Tark Itani, Georges Labaki, Imad EL Rayes and Lamis El Ghor.

Connect With Them:



The ‘Zoom In’ Series highlights the 14 teams who were chosen from Batch 2 to move to the second Phase of the Agrytech Accelerator.