What They Do:

Waste to Power promotes sustainable living by providing a cheaper fuel that can help save the environment.57% of frying oil gets thrown out in the sewers which ends up polluting our water. We are trying to change that by collecting the frying oil and converting it into a biofuel. This provides a clean alternative energy source for diesel engines, generators, and heating systems AND for a cheaper price than petroleum products.

Their Startup Experience:

“We spent months doing research on biofuels as part of our university projects, where we developed a passion for making sustainable development possible in Lebanon. We did not want to restrict our findings to scientific papers, instead, we decided to help give back to the Lebanese community by applying what we have learned. That’s when decided to apply to the Agrytech Accelerator, hoping to receive the support to make that possible.

During the Bootcamp phase, we learned that even though our aim is to solve a specific problem, there are so many possible solutions. However, choosing the right solution should be based on the market’s needs as well as the solution’s scientific feasibility. Since we had already validated the scientific side of our solution, we had to work on its market validation. The validation process made us slightly shift our solution to make sure that it’s something our target market actually needs.

Our hard work and dedication helped us meet the qualifications to move the second phase. For this upcoming phase, we are planning on scaling up from the production of very small batches of biofuel to much larger batches in order to start meeting the market demand. We also plan on building a stronger brand identity.”

The team consists of Hilal El Merhubi, Christa Aoude, Majd Jadam and Hassan El Samad.

Connect With Them:

www.wtpindustries.com Facebook Instagram


The ‘Zoom In’ Series highlights the 14 teams who were chosen from Batch 2 to move to the second Phase of the Agrytech Accelerator.