Agrytech Hackathon

Friday, April 20 till Sunday, April 22, 2018
Berytech Mkalles

The Hackathon applications are closed but you can still apply to Agrytech Accelerator Batch II. Deadline April 30, 2018

54 Hours to Solve Agri-Food Challenges from Farm to Fork

Under the Patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers in Lebanon H.E. Mr. Saad El Hariri
Supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lebanon

Berytech is organizing the second edition of the Agrytech Hackathon: an exciting opportunity for developers, coders, engineers, data scientists, creatives, innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals, and university students who want to collaborate and innovate in the agriculture and food sectors over the course of one weekend.

The hackathon launches on Friday April 20th in Berytech Mkalles and continues over a period of 54 hours. Mentors and industry experts will guide you to develop your prototypes and agri-food solutions. Pitching and jury will take place on Sunday evening.

To participate you can apply as a team or an individual. You are encouraged to apply if you are a technical developer, engineer, agronomist, food expert, designer, or a business-minded and innovative problem solver. You can apply with your own idea, or you can hack one of the preset challenges.

The program is open for Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians residing in Lebanon.

Come get the chance to take your idea to the next level and win up to $6,500 in cash along a guaranteed acceptance to the Agrytech Accelerator! You will also:

– Get exposed to interesting cases in technologies such as IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence
– Get access to relevant data and expertise, and connect with leading stakeholders in agriculture and food industry
– Get direct contact with creative tech talent for you agri-food business
– Get access to $40K+ in grants and $60K+ in business support value (after winning the Hackathon and being accepted to the Accelerator)

Expert Partners

The 2018 edition of the Hackathon is organized in partnership with FARMHACK.NL, leaders in ORGANIZING INTERNATIONAL HACKATHONS in the agri-food sector.

Their international experts will be assisting Berytech with the organization of the hackathon, and will be on site to support and mentor the participants.

FarmHack.NL is a catalyst for solutions and innovations in the agricultural and farming sector. Their mission is to use the full potential of data and technology, aiming at empowered farmers, smarter farming, and diversified business ideas.

The Agrytech Hackathon 2018 is also partnering with Source Institute. Their international experts will be on site to support the participating teams during the hackathon on issues like team alignment, business modelling and interacting with experts.

Source Institute designs education for fast-changing environments and fosters innovation by building communities of practice. Home of Leancamp, Village Accelerator, and The Sources, they collaborate with world-renowned companies and educational organizations to bring innovative peer-to-peer education to the world. The future of education is about learning directly from the source.

Our Prizes

1st Prize $3000
2nd Prize $1,500

Judging Criteria

You have 54 hours to work on your solution, so it is important that you build a prototype that showcases your product’s most important features.

The result of your hard, creative work will be

Your solution will be judged based on

Idea Validation
• Clearly addressed problem
& Market Validation
• Clear Value Proposition

Directly improves outcomes for targeted problem/pain

New idea, device or method which breaks into the market or society

• The business model presented is feasible and can generate revenue
• The solution is scalable across markets

The product/service demo clearly exhibited the functionality of the service

The Agenda

Berytech Innovation Park Mar Roukoz will be open 24h during the hackathon.
Experts from Berytech and FarmHack.NL will be available the whole time to assist.


Friday 20.04.2018

10:00am          Registration

10:30am          Welcome & Challenges

11:30am          Unconference: Meet the Challengers

1:30pm            Lunch

2.30 pm           Ideation Workshop

3:15 pm           Business Canvas & Validation Techniques Workshops

4:00 pm           Coffee Break

4:15pm           Business Canvas & Validation Techniques Workshops

5:00pm           Hackathon Kick-off and Team Formation


Saturday 21.04.2018

8:00am            Breakfast

9:00am            Hacking & Startup Pitching Open Session

2:00pm            Lunch

3:00pm            Hacking & Fixer Sessions

6:00pm            Hacking & Brain Trust Session

7:30pm            Dinner

8:30pm            Live Case Study


Sunday 22.04.2018

8:00am            Breakfast

9:00am            Hacking & Pitching Practice Session

1:00pm            Lunch

3:00pm            Hand in Pitches

5:00pm            Closing Ceremony: Pitching and Winners Announcement

7:30pm             Party Celebration

The Challenges

The Agrytech Hackathon is aiming to solve different environmental, economic, business, and marketing challenges in the agro-food industry. Check out the list of challenges that will be presented at the Hackathon and start brainstorming solutions that you and your team can develop. We will support you with data, domain knowledge and relevant references to other types of solutions that made it to the market.

Here’s how it went last year

68 competing participants, 35 mentors, 22 teams created, 10 final pitches, 6 industry challenges, 2 winners admitted directly to the Agrytech Accelerator, and 1 startup making it to the final incubation phase receiving $40K+ in funding!

Competing Participants

Final Pitches

Teams Created

Industry Challenges



The 2 winners were: Souk Baladi, an online marketplace connecting small farmers to niche stores and offering a traceable impact-centered journey from farm to fork, and Startchy, a startup synthesizing bio-plastic coat that preserves and extends the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables as an organic alternative to wax and vacuumed plastic.

Starchy is now in the final phase of the Agrytech Accelerator Program, aiming for investment and international scaling.

What was your experience hacking a solution for an agri-food challenge?


During the hackathon’s presentation, when we were asked if we thought that agriculture was not as relevant/interesting, we shook our head yes. A couple of hours later, we were reading each article about the agriculture sector in Lebanon that we could find. It is relevant, it is interesting. It’s just that we don’t know much about it. After 48 hours of thinking just about it, we have realized that agriculture could be the real MVP of the Lebanese economy. We hope that our solution (if it works out) could help revitalize the sector. Thank you for opening our eyes on this existing challenge and on giving us a push to do something about it.

Lama Miri from Souk Baladi – Winner of the Agrytech Hackathon 2017

The Agrytech Program is jointly funded by the Kingdom of Netherlands & Berytech

Our Sponsors


Will the venue be open 24/7 for the hackathon participants?

Yes, the venue will be accessible for participants to work from and stay in from the time the event opens on Friday, April 20 until the winners are announced on Sunday, April 22.

Hot beverages and water will be served all through the event. Participants are advised to bring with them necessary items like deodorant, warm clothes, earphones, a pair of socks and underwear, toothbrush and toothpaste, and phone chargers during the event. Read more suggestions here

Where is the event venue? How do I get there?

The event is located at the Berytech Innovation Park Mar Roukoz, in Mkalles. You can arrive by car, and there are dedicated parking spaces for you. We strongly suggest you car pool and/or use public transportation.

Berytech has a deal with CAREEM, use promo code BERYTECH to get 25% discount on your trip.
If you are already in one of the Berytech sites and you want to join us in Mar Roukoz, please use promo code INBERYTECH for 50% discount on your trip.

Berytech also supports CARPOLO. Download their app to use their services.

What are we expected to present in 48 hours?

As a team, you are expected to present your software or hardware prototype and present a pitch deck about your suggested business model for your solution in a 4-minute pitch. It is okay if you were unable to have a functional prototype. We understand that sometimes code doesn’t work the way we want it to and this will not affect your score from the judges.

How many members can be in a team?

We recommend between 3 to 5 team members that have various skills including development, business, and design. However, we don’t have a limit to the number of people working on one idea.

Can I apply as one person?

If you are one person and don’t have a team to apply with, you have 2 options: (1) Apply with an idea, and either work on it alone or work with a team formed during the Team Formation section on Friday, April 20, 2018, or (2) Apply with no idea, and join a team working on a cool idea you like during the Agrytech Hackathon weekend.

Can I apply if I don’t have an idea?

Yes absolutely! If you don’t have an idea to work on, you can still participate in this amazing experience. At the event kick-off, there will be a Team Formation segment where teams and people will be matched based on skills and cool ideas they want to work on during the Agrytech Hackathon weekend.