What They Do:

Agronline is a B2B e-commerce platform that allows restaurants who want to cut cost on fruits and vegetables to directly reach farmers with their needs, reducing the dependency on wholesalers while improving the cash flow for farmers. It is a farm-to-table online marketplace that will streamline the restaurant’s entire sourcing process of fresh produce.

Their Startup Experience:

“Agronline started as an idea when we realized the demand of fresh produce in restaurants through our network of clients. We knew that initiating a startup by bootstrapping is not as glamorous as hitting the ground with investors and incubators already in our lineup since their support is much needed to move the business forward. We applied to Agrytech hoping to benefit from the advice, the support, and the funding. We needed Agrytech’s comprehensive support and access to investors in order to move from an idea to a business.

We got selected for Agrytech Batch II acceleration program among 29 other start-ups after we were filtered out of 140 applicants. At the bootcamp, we won the second prize and we learned to be focused and confident. We also learned how to widen our perspective and think outside the box. We shared the business learning and the constructive thinking with other startups. We also had the chance to enhance our skills from planning and organizing to presentation and pitching.

Through the first phase of the acceleration program, we have validated the idea, the market, and the business model. We had successfully achieved all the assignments thanks to our commitment, hard work, and synergy between our team. We are currently developing our MVP and gaining market traction (number of users and revenues) with the seed fund provided in the second phase of the accelerator. We are looking forward to moving to the third phase and get international exposure, as well as partnering with the right investors to grow even more.”


The team consists of Wissam Fakih, Zeina Chalak, Najla Hassan, Elias Fayad, Joseph Matar & Nour Hassan.

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